Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tattoos Galore!

I saw this on Comcast's main page. It seems this Belgian teenage girl walks into a tattoo parlor and orders three (3) stars to be put on her face. She falls asleep and then wakes up to 56 stars! The tattoo artist claims she ordered that many. She says no. She threatens to sue him for the cost of removal. Apparently he has agreed to pay for laser removal. He says he has a witness to testify to her asking for the star and approving of his work afterwards. It was only when her dad saw the stars that she claims she didn't ask for that many. Notice the amount of tattoos on the tattoo artist in the video.


jel said...

from what i saw,

ok so that was just GROSS! IMHO

NB said...

I have a hard time believing that she could actually "sleep" through having a tattoo inked on her face!However, I'm glad that she'll be able to have them removed!

NB said...

I wonder if she'll leave the three she originally asked to have done?

AncientWanderer said...

Bob is back. :)
Howdy fella.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who allowed that man if he can be called a man to put anything on their face probable deserves what they got or will get.